Exploring a Future Together

Solar energy is more than a technology. It is the key for a sustainable and green future. Solar energy is one of the world’s most promising sources of energy, especially with the growing importance of clean energy. ASGOFT New Energy Co., Ltd., established in Shenzhen, China, in 2015, has committed itself to assisting in this transformation by providing revolutionary energy storage solutions. We are not just a symbol for innovation today, but we also lead the way in developing sustainable energy solutions.

Mission and Vision: We are committed to achieving our mission

We are not only interested in changing the way energy is stored, but also the future of energy. The Dongguan plant and the hardwork of 198 employees is the cornerstone for achieving this vision. They have contributed to our leadership in energy storage technologies, particularly in battery storage and the inverter.

Solar energy: exploring deeper principles

Solar panels convert the energy of the sun into electricity. Photons are used to stimulate electrons in the battery panel and generate an electric current. Inverters convert these currents to alternating current, which can be used for powering homes and businesses. ASGOFT uses industry-leading technologies to make sure that its solar panels not only meet the highest standards for reliability and durability, but are also highly efficient.

The core competitive advantages ASGOFT

ASGOFT’s ability to maintain a leadership position in the market is due to its commitment to quality products and our professional knowledge of battery design and assembly technologies. Our team is constantly seeking innovation through the integration of top-quality resources, building up a strong R&D department, and implementing an extensive quality control system. This ensures that our customers get the most reliable and cutting-edge energy solutions. We have also established partnerships with the top battery suppliers to further solidify our leadership in the market.

ASGOFT: Prospects for the future

ASGOFT, a company dedicated to innovation and high-quality products and services, continuously optimizes these through its vast experience and professional knowledge. ASGOFT is a company that not only offers solutions for the needs of today, but also anticipates and leads future energy storage technologies.

We at ASGOFT not only envision a bright solar future, but also help to shape it. We are dedicated to driving the energy sector towards cleaner and more efficient solutions through continuous innovation and commitments to sustainable development. Through our efforts and with the help of our customers we believe that together, we can create a more sustainable future.

Solar energy is constantly evolving. Solar energy is expected to continue playing an important role in the global energy system, as research and technology improves. ASGOFT, a leader in this field, provides our customers with reliable and efficient energy solutions, through innovative thinking and unrelenting efforts. This helps them achieve sustainable development.

ASGOFT invites all organizations and individuals interested in the future of energy to join forces with us to explore solar energy’s infinite possibilities. ASGOFT can provide high-quality products and services, whether you are installing solar panels in homes or large-scale storage systems for commercial facilities.

Join us as we move forward in this new era of challenges and possibilities, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable world. ASGOFT New Energy Co., Ltd. is your reliable partner for energy solutions, leading the way into the future.