Ведущая новая энергия, освещающая будущее

100kWh 100Ah Home Energy Storage System

Expandable Outdoor BESS Cabinet

солнечная энергия

Global Safety Certifications

Globally recognized for safety and reliability, the ASGOFT Energy Storage System boasts prestigious international certifications, including CE, ROHS, and MSDS.

Green Energy Solution

 The ASGOFT Energy Storage System champions a cleaner, renewable approach to energy storage, significantly reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainability initiatives.

Quality Assurance From Guangdong, China

 Originating from Guangdong, China, the ASGOFT Energy Storage System is the product of sophisticated manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control, ensuring reliability for users worldwide.

Innovative Energy Storage Solution

ASGOFT is committed to developing high-efficiency and environmentally friendly energy storage technologies. By focusing on global energy transformation, ASGOFT stands at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.


Reliable Protection.

  • Степень защиты IP54
  • Smart BMS for module balancing
  • Fire systems, cooling and heating adapts to -25~55℃

High-quality Battery.

  • EVE cells, safe and reliable with over 6000 cycles
  • The high-voltage box equipped with 3 relays and comes with circuit breaker

Easy Installation and Expansion.

  • 3U rack-mount modular design saving space and simplifying installation


Easy to install and use.

  • Plug-in embedded design modules, easy install and maintain
  • Perfectly matches DEYE's 30kW, 40kW, 50kW high-voltage inverters and approved by DEYE

Технические параметры



Номинальная энергия


Номинальная мощность

100 Ач

Rated Cluster


Номинальное напряжение




Cycle Performance


Заводское напряжение


Max Discharging Current


Cut-off Charging Voltage


Max Discharging Current


Opeartion Temperature Range

charge: 0~55℃ / Discharge: -20~60℃

Discharging Cut-off Voltage


MPPT Operating Voltage


Размер модуля

1525*948*1955 мм


1250 кг±5%

Power of the entire family

100kWh Capacity

Power pretty much anything with up to Wh Output

solar and battery system

IP54 Protection Grade

Boasting an IP54 rating, the ASGOFT Energy Storage System is engineered to withstand dust and water splashes, ensuring operational stability across diverse environments.

Versatile Application Capability

Designed for flexibility, the ASGOFT Energy Storage Solution caters to both off-grid and hybrid grid setups. It's also suited for outdoor adventures, in addition to residential, commercial, or industrial energy needs.

Extended Warranty Services

ASGOFT provides an extended warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years or up to 10 years, securing long-term value and offering peace of mind for your investment.

Q1: Do you support OEM?

A1: Yes. OEM & ODM are avallable.

Q2: How long ls the warranty on the product?

A2: We provlde 2-year warranty servlce for free, and we can also provlde 10-year warranty service if you need it.

Q3: How do you ensure product quallty?

A3: All of our products undergo rlgorous testing before leaving the factory, and the defective rate ls less than 0.2%.

Q4: Can l buy one sample for testing?

A4: Sure, Support sample testing.

Q5: How to solve technlcal problems?

A5: We have professlonal engineers to provlde you with free after-sales service consultatlon 24 hours a day, so that your problems can be easlly solved.

Q6: How long ls the product dellvery tlme?

A6: Sample:2-3 working days

Order:within 3-15 working days depending on the order quantitles

DEM order:7-25 working days after confirming the sample

07: Why choose us?

A7: Rellable-- The full serles of products have been approved wIth CE, UN, RoHS, MSDs, etc.

Advantage-- Custom servlce: BNS functlon increasing, Hlgh Voltage/Hlgh Current adjusting, inverter-Battery commissloning, Warehouse and local servlce team In Europe.

Professlonal-- 8years of experlence ln Lithlum Batterles, comprlsing the deslgn, manufacturing, testing and appllcaton.

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