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Energize Your Business with Commercial Battery Storage Benefits

About Commercial Battery Storage: It involves using rechargeable batteries in commercial or industrial environments, charging during low-demand periods, and powering facilities during peak times or grid outages.

The Growing Importance for Businesses: It offers significant energy cost reductions by storing electricity when cheaper and deploying it during costly peak times. Additionally, it ensures backup power during grid disruptions, crucial for operations dependent on continuous power, like data centers and hospitals.

Environmental Impact: It enables storing renewable energy, aiding businesses in achieving sustainability targets and lessening environmental footprints. Commercial battery storage is increasingly vital for companies aiming to lower energy expenses, enhance resilience, and fulfill sustainability objectives.


01. Battery Module

Rack Battery System Features: A dedicated system for renewable storage or UPS backup, available from 5kWh to 700kWh, compatible with grid-connected high-voltage inverters.

☆Scalability: Allows connecting up to 10 units, totaling a 750kWh capacity.

☆Core Technology: Utilizes LiFePO4 battery modules.

☆Turnkey Solutions by ASGOFT: Includes comprehensive PCS services.

☆Maintenance Efficiency: The rack-mount design facilitates simpler upkeep.


02. Rack-Type

ASGOFT's battery systems, featuring robust LiFePO4 cells and complete PCS integration, are designed for seamless operation and easy maintenance. Their rack-mounted design and mobility features, including wheels and bases, offer unparalleled durability, efficiency, and versatility, making ASGOFT a leader in adaptable energy storage solutions.

Battery Core: Features LiFePO4 cells for durability.

Comprehensive Services by ASGOFT: Provides complete PCS integration.

Service Simplification: Rack-mounted batteries ensure easier maintenance.

Mobility Features: Equipped with wheels and bases for versatility.


03. Cabinet ESS

Leading Commercial BESS Value

ASC-HESS-100Kwh: A comprehensive system including a deye inverter and Li-Iron Phosphate batteries, ideal for high-demand commercial settings like educational institutions, manufacturing plants, and EV charging stations, promoting energy autonomy and peak demand reduction.

  • Connectivity: Up to 20 units can be linked in parallel.

  • Cooling System: Features an air-cooled setup with conditioning.

  • Safety Measures: Integrates an aerosol fire extinguishing system to mitigate flame risks.

Comprehensive Battery Storage Solutions

Integrated Grid Solutions: Offers tailored systems for various applications, supporting automated and swift on-grid/off-grid transitions, minimizing installation and upkeep costs.

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