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Explore Asgoft's Advanced Home Battery Systems: Tailored Energy Solutions for Every Home

Welcome to Asgoft, the future of home energy storage. Our premium battery systems are engineered with precision and built using the highest quality materials to offer you a dependable energy solution. From low-voltage options ideal for small homes to high-voltage solutions for larger properties, we have a tailored storage system to meet your needs. Our batteries are compatible with a wide range of inverters and are Deye approved, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing solar setup or as a standalone energy reservoir.

8 kw solar system with battery


Rated Voltage51.2V
Rated Capacity100Ah
Rated Energy5.12kWh
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Rated Voltage51.2V
Rated Capacity280Ah
Rated Energy14.33kWh
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Rated Voltage153.6V~409.6V
Rated Capacity100Ah
Rated Energy15.36~40.96kWh
Summary of the Advantages of

Home Battery Storage

Home battery storage is revolutionizing how we manage our energy needs. By storing excess power generated during peak solar hours, households can use it during periods of high demand or low production, significantly reducing reliance on the grid and decreasing energy costs.

solar backup battery


Maximize your energy use by storing surplus solar power for use during peak demand times when electricity rates are higher.

home backup battery


Over time, the use of a home battery significantly reduces your electricity bills by utilizing stored energy instead of purchasing from the grid at peak rates.

energy storage battery


Reduce your dependency on the grid with a robust system capable of powering your home independently in case of power outages.



Support a sustainable future by utilizing a green technology that reduces your carbon footprint and enhances the use of renewable energy sources.

The Power of Energy Independence: Advantages of Asgoft Home Battery Storage

Harness the Sun, Power the Night: Asgoft Battery Solutions for Every Home

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Cost Efficiency

Our smart technology and efficient design help in significantly cutting down power costs by making the most of off-peak rates and stored energy, offering a quick return on investment.

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Ease of Installation

Our cable-free, dual-module stacking designs allow for fast, hassle-free installation and expansion, making our systems both user and technician-friendly.

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We utilize top-tier BMS and first-rate EVE cells capable of over 8000+ cycles, ensuring longevity and reliability of our battery systems

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Designed with extreme safety measures, our products feature high-voltage control boxes with multiple safety relays and breakers, ensuring your home and family’s safety.

large-scale energy storage


Our systems are engineered to be deeply compatible with mainstream and Deye hybrid inverters, ensuring they work efficiently within your existing solar power infrastructure.



Whether you need a compact 5 kWh wall-mounted unit or a robust 143 kWh setup, our products are designed to be scalable and adaptable to any home size or energy requirement.

Embrace the Future with Asgoft: Your Partner in Sustainable Energy Independence

Choose Asgoft for a smarter, safer, and more sustainable energy future. Our advanced home battery storage solutions empower you to take control of your energy use and enjoy uninterrupted power, optimized costs, and enhanced compatibility with your current systems. Explore our range today and step into the future of home energy. Discover how easy it is to extend your energy capabilities, reduce your carbon footprint, and safeguard your home against power outages with Asgoft—where energy meets innovation.



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