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51.2V Wall-mounted All-in-one Home Energy Storage Battery

This 51.2V wall-mounted integrated home energy storage battery includes battery modules, BMS modules, an inverter, and output interfaces, catering to the requirements of AC/DC inverter systems for energy storage and release. Additionally, it supports capacity expansion, allowing the connection of multiple units as needed.


Home ernergy storage


energy storage battery

Long life and safety

High quality LiFePO4, long life span andhigh safety

power battery

Easy to install and use

Compatible with most mainstreambrands of inverters

home backup battery

Built-in BMS

Support various brands of invertercommunication protocols

solar backup battery

Cycles life 6o0o+

Cycles life up to 6000 @70% DOD






Dimensions (L*W*H)




Cycle Life

6000 Cycle 80% DOD


3 Years

best battery generator
Our product

Efficient and Convenient Home Energy Storage Solution

Featuring plug-and-play functionality, this wall-mounted home energy storage battery boasts an innovative integrated design that significantly simplifies the installation process, enabling users to easily and quickly set up and operate. With outdoor usage in mind, its protection capabilities have been enhanced to achieve an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance. This ensures safe and stable operation in various conditions, including direct sunlight, rain, or dusty environments. Not only does this enhance the user experience, but it also guarantees long-term reliability, providing a safe and efficient energy storage solution for homes.

storage battery
Seamless Energy Solutions

Multifunctional Energy Storage Battery

This multifunctional wall mounted energy storage battery offers four charging modes: solar only, mains priority, solar priority, and hybrid charging, to meet various energy needs and optimize energy use, ensuring uninterrupted power supply throughout the day. Its flexibility and reliability make it an ideal energy solution for residential and commercial applications, providing stable power supply under various conditions.

5.5kw home energy storage
5.5kw battery

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battery backup for solar panels





Wall mouted

The All-in-One Battery System Multi-Device Parallel Support

  • Meeting Household Power Needs: Supports parallel operation of multiple devices, easily meeting various household power requirements.

  • Remote Monitoring System: Features a user-friendly management platform, allowing remote access via mobile phones and computers to view the real-time operational status of devices, ensuring control is always at your fingertips.

  • Intelligent Home Energy Management: Optimizes energy storage charging and discharging strategies based on user electricity consumption habits, peak and off-peak electricity prices, and safety metrics, maximizing the overall value of energy usage.



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